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Training & Development at Cycle Republic

When you join the Cycle Republic team, you’ll be given a 12 week structured induction. Once this is complete, you’ll be a fully-fledged colleague. But that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. As well as having the shop team around you, you’ll also have access to technical and product support from our Support Centre.

Our store colleagues also get great opportunities like being involved with our events across the country, or supplier visits, giving you a chance to use and develop your skills and really stretch your legs.

As part of a larger group of companies, it’s easy to grow your career during your time with us, and we offer training courses online and at our mechanics’ training centre.

Skills Development Workshops

We offer a range of skills development face-to-face workshops, such as:

Introduction to CR – This is a massive welcome to the team. During a new store opening this will be a 4 day workshop consisting of team building as well as learning about CR as a company, our key service principles, PDI, and some opportunities to meet our suppliers.

Bike build and PDI - This is a 1 day workshop that covers the key elements and refines skills in order to successfully produce a fully built bike according to Cycle Republic’s principles in a set time frame. During the workshop, colleagues will get taken through the complete PDI procedure from opening the box to handing the bike over to the customer.

Mechanic - This 3 day workshop teaches colleagues skills relating to cycle repair, with equal parts theory and practical, ending with an assessment. This workshop provides cycle mechanics with the in-depth knowledge needed to successfully run a cycle repair business inside Cycle Republic.

E-bike - Is a one day workshop that looks at the coming future of cycling. The e-bike day is a comprehensive course that covers topics from new products on the market to diagnostics and repair.

First aid in the workplace - Provides the comprehensive set of practical skills need by first aiders, giving both the ability and the knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies.

One to one supplier seminars - These are amazing days where either we have an off-site visit or a supplier will come to us in store get first-hand knowledge on products and really put them through their paces!

Suspension service - This is a one day workshop dedicated to service, repair and tuning of all types of suspension. We like to be specialists in what we do, enabling the customers to have the quickest turnaround time and have more time to spend out riding!


Our E-learning course is designed around the great bike race. Here are some of the main courses you’ll find online:

The White Jersey is for newcomers (0-12 weeks). Included in this section are modules on CR’s history and future, with information and quizzes on the world of cycling.

Green Jersey is for established colleagues (12 weeks to 3 Months), and really drills down into the key details of specific products and brands. This segment is co-written by our product manufacturers like KTM and Mavic.

Yellow Jersey is for team leaders. This covers all of the necessary points that our assistant mangers and store managers may need, from recruitment skills to how to get the very best from your team and systems such as Dayforce.

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